Welcome to Studio A64, Colorado’s original Cannabis Club! Studio A64 was founded on February 14, 2013 by K.C. Stark. During that time as “captain of the ship” K.C. began a movement to change history and end marijuana prohibition once and for all. Studio A64 is the United States first brick and mortar Cannabis Club, proudly setting a national standard for the future of the marijuana industry. In November 2015 Mr. Stark sold the company to Ambur Racek and Wanda Stark (no relation) to continue his battle in other parts of the country. since them Ambur and Wanda have given the old “pirate ship”  a good scrubbing and turned it into the luxury cruise liner KC always dreamed of. Now you can come in and enjoy live music, comedy, theater, bingo, poker, bong pong and much more! Come see us and experience the studio!