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  • Tue. - Sat. from 6pm - Midnight
  • call: (719) 272.1426

Privacy Policy

Studio A64, LLC Privacy Policy

Studio A64, LLC is the first licensed upscale cannabis club, event, music and gift shop with private lounge.

Any information you provide will be used in order to comply with local and State laws in reference to private clubs (we do NOT serve alcohol) but we do have cannabis products and do allow smoking in designated areas of the studio and lounge.

Membership is required in order to comply with local and State laws in reference to a private members only club and event center with retail and gift shop.

We do not sell or share your information with anyone outside of Studio A64, LLC.


To join Studio A64, LLC, you must be an adul or have a red cardt and agree to our membership agreements, rules and regulations, as well as State and local laws governing private clubs and events.

Membership allows you access to our club, events, promotions, and you can even join the band...or bring your own and use our studio for you next recording or video. We offer recording time and green screen work.

Studio A64, LLC offers daily, monthly and annual membership based on your needs. We offer events, private bookings, live music, open mic nights, ladies nights, photography, videography, green screen rooms, and much more.

Have questions, visit our contact page and tell us your thoughts or comments. Thanks! Your Studio A64, LLC team!

Terms Of Use

Become a member

To become a member, one must be an adult over the age of 21 in accordance with local, State and membership rules and regulations.

NO alcohol is permitted at Studio A64, LLC at anytime. If you are found to be intoxicated you will be asked kindly to leave and your membership can be revoked. So be kind. Be nice.

Open for you

Studio A64, LLC is open weekly and offers a list of events, educational and promotional.

You contact us - we contact you

By contacting Studio A64, LLC you authorize our team to contact you directly in accordance with this policy.