• 332 E Colorado Ave Colorado Springs CO 80903
  • tue. - sat. from High Noon - Midnight
  • call: (719) 930-9846


Studio A64 LLC House Band and DJ

KC and the Canna Band was formed to make noise. And enjoy it. Want to join? You can! Get it? Canna Band? You can join? Studio A64 LLC has open mic nights, bang a drum night, ladies night, industry nights, and almost any night you can think of. Want to jam? Take the stage with your band - or join ours. If you canna.

Saint Matt, resident DJ, audio technician, and wicked drum master. He has more beats than the 60's and enough funk to fill a stadium of rock, roll, funk, house, souls, blues, and some other stuff he tried to explain to me. Friend, soundman, and wizard of beats.

Sgt G, miltary veteran, singer, song writer and 6 stringer. If it can be put down in words, Sgt G is as fast as lightning and smooth as a summer breaze with an a pen, paper and his guitar. He can break a heart and mend it in 3 minutes with 4 chords..or less.

Want to record yourself? Your band? Your birthday party? Well, yes we can.

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